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You have been redirected to this page because you previously bought a product from Conor and Brittany and the product location has moved. Follow the directions on this page to get access to your program on this new platform. 

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Email us at [email protected] with subject "program access" and the following information: Your full name, email log in on the old site, and the program that you purchased. 

Or, you can also check your email (including your spam folder) for instructions on how to gain access to your program, as everyone with access was notified before the switch.

Please Note: There are a couple of products that we no longer offer. If you are looking for one of them, feel free to email us at [email protected] to double check, or you can see what we do offer here:

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As an added perk, you get access to the CB Community Forum.

Once you get access, check out this space, which is now open to all who purchase the Healing Jealousy program or live course, Creating Epic Relationships program, and CB members. You are welcome to post there anytime. 

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