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Healing Jealousy Program

The Healing Jealousy Program is an online course designed to help people identify and deal with negative feelings and behaviour associated with jealousy in relationships.

The program is presented in nine sections, each with videos, written content, audio interviews, and personal stories. The course aims to help people: - Gain an understanding of their own needs and desires, and how they relate to their partner's needs and desires. - Understand how they can prevent jealous feelings from developing into a relationship crisis. - Develop a greater understanding of compersion (or the opposite of jealousy) and learn how they can experience it in their own relationships.

Topics covered include:

  • Part I: The First Step On Your Jealousy Journey
  • Part II: Jealousy: Understanding The Emotion
  • Part III: Self-Care Tools for the Jealous Person
  • Part IV: How to React When Jealousy Strikes
  • Part V: How to Learn to Love the Joy of Others
  • Part VI: How to Cope with Jealousy in Non-Traditional Relationships
  • Part VII: Celebrating Your Jealousy-Healing Journey
  • Part VIII: Stories of Healing Jealousy
  • Part IX: Congratulations! You’ve completed the Healing Jealousy Program
  • Common Jealousy Questions Answered

In this segment Conor & Brittany discuss common queries and topics including "What causes jealousy?", "How to get rid of jealousy", "What is jealousy a sign of?", "How to deal with jealousy in an open relationship", "How to control anger and jealousy", and more.