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Conor & Brittany

Conor & Brittany Relationship Coaching Duo

Conor & Brittany are a Polyamorous relationship and intimacy coaching duo who began their non-monogamous relationship together in 2014. Having grown up in traditional monogamous relationships, they saw the value in exploring non-monogamy while they were dating. Together, they’ve created a lifestyle based on their own values and experiences, and have discovered why so many people have a hard time relating to the traditional relationship structure. It was then that they chose to become teachers and healers of relationships through their own model of coaching. In this model, they have helped many individuals and couples create a unique relationship structure that works for them.

The pair teach at health events, hold immersive retreats, give workshops for private clients and offer their own Courses and Membership where they help individuals and partnerships create greater intimacy, connection, and joy in the relationships of their creation. Relationship courses they offer include A Guide to Open Relationships, Healing Jealousy and Creating Epic Relationships. All of these courses have been designed to help individuals create the relationships of their dreams. They also offer high-level 12-week coaching for dedicated partnerships of 2 or more by application. 

Conor and Brittany have been sharing their open relationship journey through YouTube, Instagram, and their online Courses and Membership since 2016.

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