Heal your relationship with jealousy  

Understand what jealousy is and how to deal with it, including guidance, exercises and tools to help you overcome jealousy and create a healthy relationship. If you’re struggling with jealousy, this program can help you end the pain and self-doubt that get in your way.

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This course will help you heal your relationship with jealousy

The Healing Jealousy Program is an online course for anyone who has ever experienced jealousy in a relationship. It’s been described as a “game changer” by those who have felt it’s power. The program includes 9 sections, as well as 22 exercises, written content, videos, audio interviews, and personal stories. Whether it’s in your relationships, or in your family, we have all experienced jealousy. This program is designed to help you identify negative feelings and behaviour associated with jealousy and learn to care for yourself and manage jealous feelings so you can live a happier, healthier life.

Topics covered include:

Part I: The First Step On Your Jealousy Journey
Part II: Jealousy: Understanding The Emotion
Part III: Self-Care Tools for the Jealous Person
Part IV: How to React When Jealousy Strikes
Part V: How to Learn to Love the Joy of Others
Part VI: How to Cope with Jealousy in Non-Traditional Relationships
Part VII: Celebrating Your Jealousy-Healing Journey
Part VIII: Stories of Healing Jealousy
Part IX: Congratulations! You’ve completed the Healing Jealousy Program
Common Jealousy Questions Answered:
In this segment Conor & Brittany discuss common queries and topics including "What causes jealousy?", "How to get rid of jealousy", "What is jealousy a sign of?", "How to deal with jealousy in an open relationship", "How to control anger and jealousy", and more.

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Jealousy can destroy a relationship. If you feel jealous or have been accused of being jealous, this program will help you identify and deal with negative feelings and behaviour associated with jealousy in relationships.

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Discover how to heal jealousy in a relationship from those who have been there

Understand and deal with your jealousy in a constructive way, as well as learn how to care for yourself and manage jealous feelings. Get help from those who’ve been there. Brittany is honored to have collaborated with truly amazing beings to bring you this program. Enjoy content from Conor McMillen, Dr. Tumi Johnson, Neža Slak, as well as other contributors, who share their wisdom and hearts in Healing Jealousy, all featured in various sections throughout the program. 

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Step-By-Step Guidance

Split into 9 sections, this program takes you on an in-depth journey to exploring, understanding, and healing your jealousy

22 Self-Growth Exercises

Put what you are learning to practice with exercises designed especially to guide you along your own unique journey inward

Raw Processing Videos

Up-close and personal videos of raw processing, communication in action with both Brittany and Conor

You Are Not Alone

Join Brittany, Conor, Tumi, Neza and more collaborators as they dive into this intimate topic together, sharing wisdom and personal experience

Personal Journal Entries

Read relevant entries from Brittany’s journal, sharing various parts of her own journey with jealousy

Interviews & Stories

Connect with other jealousy growth-junkies through their shared audio interviews and personal written stories

From Jealousy to Joy: The Healing Jealousy Program

“I think this is a wonderful program that so many people are going to gain immense value from. I am at part 4 and I am enjoying the exercises so much. One thing that really stands out to me is how taken care of I feel reading this program. It is as if you (and Conor) are here in the room with me: the words, and love behind them, really leap off the page.”

“I expected that this program would be good, however it has completely blown me away. The journey you take us on is so thorough and profoundly eye-opening. I am excited about all the understanding and healing this is facilitating in my life and will undoubtedly facilitate in the lives of many others.”

“This program is phenomenal. It brought so many realizations reading through the reflections and exercises. And just feeling so calm and peaceful and nurtured by everything in it. It’s full of so much love and brilliance.”

This program will help you to understand your own jealousy and how to deal with it

22 exercises to help you understand your jealousy

Do you want to get over jealous feelings but don't know where to start? The Healing Jealousy Program is a step-by-step program that can help you heal your jealousy and save your relationship. Exercises, journal entries, videos, audio interviews and personal stories help you face your jealousy and break free.

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