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jealousy Feb 16, 2022

I have noticed that it seems like the more something inspires us, the more we have the potential to fear it. I believe that is the illusion. While in reality, we are enlivened by what we are perceiving in some way and likely want to incorporate elements of that into our experience. We want the thing we are observing and fear we cannot have.

I have experienced this surfacing within myself and with others I have talked to about their experiences with jealousy. Perhaps a partner has a new love in their life and we notice the energy of it. It’s inspiring! To be around the love, the connection, the beauty of it. And that inspiration can present as scared as hell for what it triggers in us- a fear that we are not enough.


If I dive deeper into this fear, what I actually find is a resonance and a yearning for expansion. Yes! That love feels good! I want that love! And then this part- perhaps the most commonly disallowed part- I can experience that love too! And maybe in that moment, parts of us feel small and scared and a lack of self worth. We may be missing connection to the eternal part of us that knows deeply we are worthy of all we desire, the part that knows that life will give it to us, and exponentially so the more we believe this deep truth. In that knowing, the observing of others experiencing what we want is such a gift! It is the universe functioning in divine order.


This can show up in infinite ways. The observing of an experience we want to have, a body we want to live in, an activity or expression that excites us, an appreciation we long to feel and emit. In whatever way it may surface, resonance will continue to occur forever, though it may at times be disguised as jealousy. And it may scare the shit out of us.


To the showing up of this resonance, this jealousy, I say…

Thank you, universe. Thank you for showing me what I want. Thank you for these opportunities to be inspired to be all I want and all that I can be- all that I truly am deep within and can allow to come through me more every moment. Thank you for surrounding me with beautiful beings and a stunning, evolving world, to enliven this love and potential within me every day. Thank you for the contrast as it comes too, which also clarifies. Thank you for giving me repeated opportunities to show up and be everything I desire. I know that in simply getting excited about them and focusing on them positively, they will come in even more amazing ways that I could have imagined, and that meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the positive vibe I’m in! Thank you for all the souls I get to connect with, interact with, observe and do this work with every day. I see how I really need and want playmates you be dancing with along the way, creating and developing my epic existence as they do the same with theirs. I see how everything really is perfect, truly is in divine order, all the time. And I want to play.


With love!

-Brittany Taylor


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